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Ram powerlifting is a club sport at Angelo State University, we compete in the USAPL and are completely drug free. The team is open to any competitor, man or woman, and any experience level is welcome from the inexperienced to the advanced lifter. We compete in Collegiate powerlifting events against other universities all over the nation.

Powerlifting consists of three events:
the Squat,
the Bench Press,
and the Deadlift

In a meet competition a lifter is given 3 chances to attain their single greatest weight, the greatest wight lifted in each category is of course added together to create one total. If you are incapable or simply do not want ot compete in the Squat or deadlift, no problem there is also a bench press only category for you bench press specialists and is actually a very popular way to compete.

The Squat:

In a powerlifting squat, the lifter tables the bar across their shoulders, then bends his legs until the thighs are below parallel to the floor. This is classed as the descent. Once the descent is complete, the lifter must stand up again to complete the lift.

The Bench Press:

To do a powerlifting bench press, the lifter must lie on the bench, hold the bar in both hands, lower it to their chest, pause briefly with the barbell on the chest, then press it back up. Some arching of the back is allowed, but the lifter’s buttocks must always be touching the bench. No downward movement of the bar is allowed during the upward part of the press.The powerlifting bench press requires that the lifter bring the barbell all the way down to their chest, rather than stopping just above the chest as most people do when they are training. The lifter's feet must not touch any part of the bench while they are performing the lift.

The Deadlift:

The powerlifting deadlift involves pulling the barbell from the floor (using whichever grip the lifter prefers), until the lifter is standing upright with the bar held in front of them. The lift should be a fluid motion. No “hitching” of the bar using the thighs for support is allowed.

 The three heaviest completed attempts are added for a single total and compared to others in a lifter's competing weight class to determine the strongest lifter in a class. All ties in weight totals are broken by looking at a lifter's body weight, the lightest lifter wins all ties.

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